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Player Spotlight - Fury FC Sensation Mour Samb

By Youssef El Alami, 06/29/19, 11:45AM EDT


Photo: Andre Ringuette | Freestyle Ottawa

Fury FC sensation, Mour Samb, has had a soccer journey to Ottawa like no other player. The Senegal native has had a soccer ball at his feet since he can remember, you could even say he was born playing the game in a way. His father and uncle used to always take him out to play matches in their local home town of Saly, Senegal. This tradition from such an early age instilled in him the passion for playing the game and shaped him into the player we watch week in and week out in the USL Championship.

At the age of 10, Mour was already playing tournaments in Europe in cities such as Caen and Lille. “I won the best player of the tournament each time I participated in one,” said the Fury FC winger. His performances did not go unnoticed and many scouts took interest in him because of the amount of talent that he possessed and displayed during games. However, he could not sign for any of those clubs at the time given his very young age.

The high amount of interest persisted through the years and this led Mour to be invited to tryouts with world-renowned clubs such as Manchester City, LOSC Lille B, and Sochaux. However, Mour ended up signing a four-year contract with his home town club Diambars. He continued progressing as a young player with his home town club, but LOSC Lille B showed a lot of interest in signing him and kept him coming back every six months to train with their team.

Photo: Tromsø IL

Upon turning 18 years old, LOSC Lille B made their move and signed him on a three-year trainee contract. Mour’s first two years had been amazing at Lille, but during his last year he picked up an injury that left him on the sidelines for eight months. “Once my trainee contract ran out, LOSC Lille B decided not to renew me given the amount of time the injury had kept me off the pitch” Mour confessed. At the time, this was a tough blow for the rising star.

Nonetheless, it was a turning point for Mour’s career, as he embarked on a new journey to the Norwegian second division. After four days of tryouts with Norwegian club Tromsø, they soon realised the amount of talent that Mour possessed and decided to sign him. However, bureaucratic issues kept Mour from signing for the Norwegian club right away, which led him back to his childhood club, Diambars, where he played in the Senegal Premier League before finally making the move to Tromsø one year later.


Mour played really well during his first year at Tromsø, but his second season proved to be more difficult than he anticipated and he wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. This turned out to be a pivotal moment for his soccer career. “Tromsø wasn’t willing to loan me to any other club as competition is fierce in the Norwegian league,” Mour confessed. That led Mour to terminate his contract with Tromsø and seek new opportunities.

At the time, Mour weighed all of his options and the Canadian capital seemed like the right destination for him because his wife lived here. Coming to Canada also gave Mour time to find the next club where he could showcase all of his talent. That’s when Ottawa Fury FC had him join their training sessions. Mour showed exceptional prowess at each training session, and consequently,  Fury FC offered him a contract.

Photo: Steve Kingsman | Freestyle Ottawa

Mour’s diverse and rich professional soccer journey has taught him a lot about the game. “In France, the game is really tough, even in the lower divisions. It truly gives you an idea of what it is like to play in high-level leagues and makes you an even better player overall,” Mour said. “In Norway, the game is hard as well but different, players are more physical and the playstyle is more focused on long balls and 1 vs 1 duels,” Mour explained.

His international experience has turned him into a seasoned forward that can read the game really well. “My time at the clubs where I have played has made me a more mature player, and every single club I have played for has helped me learn from my errors and has enabled me to progress as a player,” Mour expressed. With six goals in ten matches, this has been the best start to a season for Mour Samb in his whole career; who potentially could quickly become the most dangerous scorer to wear a Fury FC badge in several seasons.

Fury FC have been on an incredible run of form this season and Mour Samb has been right at the centre of it all. “I mean you really need a great team mentality and to be real winners to be playing the way we have been doing recently, and we aim to keep it going, so I really think we have a chance at making the playoffs,” Mour said. With Samb’s talent, Fury have a concrete opportunity at making the playoffs this season and turn it into a truly historic one for the club.

Fans will be able to see Mour Samb in full action this upcoming weekend when the Fury FC face off against Charleston Battery on Wednesday, June 26 at TD Place, and at many more this season, Fury FC fans can only hope.